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1.      The similarity of Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism
They think that their culture is different from other culture.
The differences between Ethnocentrism and Cultural Relativism
-        a. Ethnocentrism. This concept has a view that every aspects of our culture are the best culture and measure others by only their culture. Individuals assume that the culture of the people better than the other cultural.
-          b. Cultural Relativism. That is the opposite by Ethnocentrism. This concept is the view that our culture is not better and progressing with other cultures. This concept teaches us to look at an individual's behavior from the perspective of their own culture. We should not judge other cultures.
2.      The example of Cultural Shock
-             - When starting the lessons in class a western just say hello to the teacher. However, when they come to Indonesia, we know that we always start the lesson by praying.
-              - Indonesians who always eat using your hands or a spoon, when they come to China were almost all activities of eating using chopsticks. It's very difficult for Indonesian. 
-                - Some Asian cultures always take sandals or shoes when entering the house. When there are foreign guests from other countries are not doing it, they feel it would contaminate their feet.
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