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cultural interaction - task VI

1. What is Pluralism according to me? 
       According to me pluralism can be defined as the ideologies that tolerate the diversity of thought, religion, and culture. Pluralism not only tolerates diversity understanding, but also recognizes the truth of each understanding, and interacts without conflict.

2. Do pluralistic and multicultural are similar? and the evidences
             The ideology of pluralism is to build relationships of many groups. like in one group are religious and cultural differences. Multicultural is part of the  pluralism.
MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia) issued a statement about pluralism. Any religious must not claim that only religion, thought and culture they are right, others are wrong and unlawful. Pluralism also teaches that all faiths each will go and live side by side in heaven, if they have good behavior while living in the world. Indeed, I know that pluralism is against Islamic teachings. But somehow pluralism will make our inter-religious harmony, to do good to one another regardless of religion and culture.

3. What the advantageous and disadvantages of equality?
           Advantageous, assume that all groups are the same, there was no difference between groups. the applicable law is the law agreed by together.
           Disadvantageous, because no significant difference was the lack of uniqueness in that group.

Astri Puji Lestari
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